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First Aid Courses

First Aid

First Aid is the universal language of compassion – a bridge that connects humanity through care and knowledge.

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Where expertise meets validation, and excellence becomes official.

Quick Support

When seconds count, compassion and expertise unite to make a difference.

Basic Life Support

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) Course equips participants with the fundamental skills needed to provide immediate care in life-threatening situations. This course covers CPR techniques, the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and other essential life-saving interventions.

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Emergency First Aid at Work

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is designed for individuals who require basic first aid skills in their workplace. Participants learn how to assess and manage emergency situations, provide first aid for common injuries and illnesses, and effectively communicate with emergency services.

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First Aid at Work

Our First Aid at Work course is tailored for individuals who have been designated as first aiders in their workplace. It covers a comprehensive range of first aid topics, including more advanced techniques for managing injuries, illnesses, and medical emergencies that may occur in the workplace.

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First Aid at Work Requalification

The First Aid at Work Requalification course is designed for individuals who need to renew their First Aid at Work certification. This course ensures that participants stay updated with the latest techniques and guidelines, refreshing their knowledge and skills in providing effective first aid in the workplace.

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Lifeguard First Aid

Our Lifeguard First Aid course focuses on first aid skills specifically relevant to lifeguarding scenarios. Participants learn how to respond to water-related emergencies, perform water rescues, and provide appropriate care for injuries and medical conditions commonly encountered in aquatic environments.

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Paediatric First Aid

The Paediatric First Aid course is targeted towards individuals working with children, such as childcare professionals and teachers. It covers first aid techniques specifically for infants and children, including CPR, choking, and managing common childhood injuries and illnesses.

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