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Our Pool Lifeguard Course is specifically designed for individuals who aspire to pursue lifeguarding careers in Middle Eastern and other international countries.

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Our Beach Lifeguard Course not only prepares individuals for beach lifeguarding in their local communities but also opens doors to exciting job opportunities in various countries around the world.

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Junior Lifesaving Program

Junior lifeguards are expected to learn and follow water safety rules to ensure the safety of themselves and others in aquatic environments. Here are some common water safety rules that junior lifeguards should be familiar with:

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Course

Our pool maintenance services ensure the cleanliness, functionality, and safety of swimming pools. We handle water treatment, equipment maintenance, and regular inspections.

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IRB Crew & Driver Courses

Provide comprehensive training for Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) crews and drivers. Focus on IRB handling, navigation, patient retrieval techniques, and teamwork in rescue scenarios.

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Nippers Lifesaving Program

The Nippers Lifesaving Program is a program aimed at educating and training young children in water safety and surf lifesaving skills. It is primarily conducted in Australia and is organized by surf lifesaving clubs across the country.

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