Lifeguard Supervisor Course

Lifeguard Supervisor Course

A lifeguard supervisor course is designed to provide lifeguards with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively supervise and manage a team of lifeguards. It is a more advanced level of training that focuses on leadership, communication, risk management, emergency response planning, and team dynamics.

Here are some key aspects of a lifeguard supervisor course:

Leadership Skills

Lifeguard supervisors are responsible for leading and guiding a team of lifeguards. The course emphasizes the development of leadership qualities such as decision-making, problem-solving, effective communication, and teamwork.

Risk Management

Lifeguard supervisors must be able to identify and assess potential risks in a pool or beach environment. The course covers strategies for proactive risk management, including hazard identification, risk assessment, and implementing measures to minimize risks.

Emergency Response Planning

Supervisors need to develop and implement emergency response plans for various scenarios. This involves understanding different emergency situations, establishing communication protocols, assigning roles and responsibilities, and coordinating the response effectively.

Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution

Lifeguard supervisors must understand and address team dynamics within their team. This includes building a cohesive and motivated team, resolving conflicts, fostering a positive work environment, and addressing disciplinary issues.

Policies and Procedures

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that lifeguards adhere to organizational policies and procedures. The course covers topics such as standard operating procedures, incident reporting, documentation, and legal considerations.

Practical Exercises and Assessments

Lifeguard supervisor courses often include practical exercises and assessments to evaluate participants’ knowledge and skills. These may include simulated emergency scenarios, team leadership exercises, role-playing activities, and written or practical assessments.


There is no final exam each learner is continuously assessed by the trainer / assessor during their training. It is then both the responsibility and decision of the trainer/assessor to determine if each learner has reached the level required to become a first aider within the work place.


Successful learners will be certified by The International Certification and Course will run under the ODC lifesaving training center Training Academy (TICTA) which is valid for three years from course completion date.


Lifeguard Supervisor Course

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