Our Lifeguard Services

Our Lifeguard Services​

ODC Lifesaving is proud to offer a wide range of services in the aquatic safety and leisure industry.With a commitment to international standards, quality training, and highly skilled staff, we set the benchmark for excellence in our field.

ODC Lifeguard Services: Ensuring Safety Across UAE's Waterfronts and Events

At ODC, we take pride in offering top-tier lifeguard services throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a commitment to safety and excellence, our lifeguard services have been trusted by a wide range of establishments, including hotels, schools, water parks, open beaches, closed beaches, and both local and international events. Our experienced lifeguards are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals enjoying various aquatic environments.

Pool Lifeguards:

Our pool lifeguards maintain a watchful eye over swimmers in various pool settings, enforcing safety rules and responding to emergencies.

Beach Lifeguard Services:

 Our trained and certified lifeguards ensure the safety of beachgoers, providing swift
and effective rescue and first aid when needed.

Water Park Lifeguards:

We provide experienced lifeguards specifically trained to oversee water park environments, ensuringthe safety of visitors on water slides, pools, and other attractions.

Diverse Coverage and Event Participation

Our lifeguard services extend across a diverse spectrum of locations, ensuring that individuals can enjoy aquatic activities with peace of mind. Some of the notable venues and events where our lifeguards have provided their expertise include:


We stand guard at hotel pools and private beaches, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience for guests.


Safety is paramount, especially for educational institutions. Our lifeguards ensure that students can participate in water-based activities under vigilant supervision.

Water Parks:

The thrill of water parks is enhanced by the presence of our lifeguards, who are strategically stationed to respond swiftly to any potential incidents.

Open Beaches:

UAE’s stunning open beaches attract countless visitors. Our lifeguards contribute to the overall safety of these popular destinations.

Closed Beaches:

Even in more controlled environments, such as closed beaches, our lifeguards are prepared to handle any situation, ensuring a secure environment.

International and Local Events:

Our expertise goes beyond static locations. We actively participate in various international and local events to provide lifeguard services, ensuring the safety of participants.

Some of these events include:

➤ WTC Triathlon (2016-2019, 2022, 2023)
➤ Deira Island Triathlon (2020-2022)
➤ KING & Queen Swim Hosted by Race Me (2020)
➤ RAK Triathlon (2021, 2023)
➤ LA MER SWIM (2021-2023)
➤ TRIATHLON – Al Mamzar (2020, 2022)
➤ RaceMe Swim – JBR (2021, 2022)
➤ ITU Triathlon (2023)
➤ FINA 15th World Short Course World Championship (2023)
➤ Safety Excellence and Commitment

➤ Qasr Al Hosn Festival (2015 and 2016)
➤ Abu Dhabi Swimming Festival (2015 and 2016)
➤ Triathlon Abu Dhabi (2015, 2016)
➤ Dubai International Open Water Swim Festival (2015)
➤ The Club Abu Dhabi Open Water Championship (2015, 2016, 2017)
➤ UAE Open Water Championship – UAE Swimming Federation (2015, 2016)
➤ FINA Swimming World Cup Events (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023)
➤ FINA High Diving (2017, 2018, 2021)
➤ Mother of the Nation Events (2016, 2017, 2018)
➤ Dubai Tough Mudder (2016-2019, 2021)

With an extensive track record and participation in prestigious events, ODC Lifeguard Services is dedicated to fostering a culture of safety in aquatic settings. Our lifeguards' expertise, coupled with their swift response and preparedness, ensures that individuals can engage in aquatic activities without compromising on safety. ODC stands as a reliable partner in safeguarding lives and enhancing the aquatic experience across the UAE.