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Forging Partnerships for Global Water Safety:
ODC's Meeting with Norm Farmer and Mr. Peter in 2016

In 2016, ODC had the distinct honor of hosting a landmark meeting that solidified our commitment to international water safety standards. Our senior management had the privilege of engaging with two esteemed figures who have significantly contributed to the global water safety landscape: Mr. Norm Farmer, the Honorary Executive Director of The Royal Life Saving Society (Commonwealth), and Mr. Peter, a representative from the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). This pivotal meeting marked a momentous step towards strengthening water safety practices on a global scale.

A Unified Vision for Water Safety The photograph captured during this meeting serves as a testament to the unity of purpose shared by water safety advocates. From left to right: Mr. Norm Farmer, an icon in water safety leadership; Mr. Ganga, ODC's Operation Manager; Mr. Issa, ODC's General Manager and Executive Director of Lifesaving; and Mr. Peter, representing the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). This image encapsulates the collaborative spirit that drove our discussions and underscores the shared commitment to ensuring water safety for all. Exchanging Insights, Amplifying Impact

❖ The meeting was a unique opportunity to bridge geographical and organizational boundaries. Mr. Norm Farmer's wealth of knowledge and experience within The Royal Life Saving Society (Commonwealth) enriched our understanding of effective water safety strategies. Likewise, our conversation with Mr. Peter from ILS provided invaluable insights into global best practices that have shaped water safety protocols around the world. Translating Insights into Action

❖ The insights gained from our interactions with Norm Farmer and Mr. Peter continue to echo in our commitment to safety. From that moment in 2016, ODC has been driven to uphold the highest standards in our lifeguard and coaching services. These insights serve as the foundation for our dedication to providing individuals with the confidence to enjoy aquatic environments responsibly and securely. A Catalyst for Progress

❖ The meeting of minds in 2016 was not merely a singular event; it was a catalyst that propelled ODC's water safety initiatives to new heights. Our ongoing commitment to excellence in water safety, guided by the wisdom shared during this meeting, has strengthened our resolve to collaborate with international leaders, embrace best practices, and amplify the reach of water safety awareness. Joining the Global Movement

❖ As we move forward in our mission to ensure water safety worldwide, we invite you to join us. Whether you're an individual seeking aquatic education, an organization looking to enhance water safety protocols, or a passionate advocate for safety, your involvement contributes to our shared goal. With our foundations laid by global leaders like Norm Farmer and Mr. Peter, we are united in our pursuit of a safer aquatic future.

Strengthening Lifeguard Excellence:
Collaborative Training with Mr. Andy and Master Trainer Roger Abel

At ODC, we are committed to advancing lifeguard proficiency through strategic collaborations with esteemed industry leaders. We are honored to highlight our partnership with Mr. Andy, the General Manager for Training and Aquatic Industry Lifesaving. Additionally, our collaboration with Mr. Roger Abel, an accomplished Master Trainer from Life Saving Victoria (LSV), has played a pivotal role in elevating our lifeguard training and assessment standards within the UAE.

Empowering Proficiency in IRB Operations:
Guided by a Renowned Master Trainer and Expert Instructors

Our IRB crew and driver training and assessment programs are elevated by the unparalleled expertise of Mr. Roger, a distinguished Master Trainer from Lifesaving Victoria. Under the guidance of Mr. Ganga, Training Manager at ODC Lifesaving, and with the attendance of a skilled training team including Mr. Asela, Senior Trainer from Sri Lankan Lifesaving, Mr. Asanka, Executive Director of Sri Lankan Lifesaving, and Mr. Menaka, Lifeguard Trainer at ODC Lifesaving, our initiatives ensure a holistic learning experience. This collaboration of international knowledge and local proficiency guarantees that participants receive comprehensive training that aligns with global standards. We are dedicated to equipping our trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in IRB operations, fostering a culture of excellence and safety in aquatic environments.

Nigel Taylor, CEO of Life Saving Victoria, Visits ODC Lifesaving: Fostering Mutual Expertise Exchange

In a significant event highlighting our commitment to water safety, ODC Lifesaving had the honor of hosting Mr. Nigel Taylor, CEO of Life Saving Victoria (LSV). This visit marked an important milestone in our pursuit of excellence in water safety practices and our dedication to fostering collaboration with industry leaders.